Igre : Guitar Geek

Igre : Guitar Geek

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Igre : Guitar Geek


Kreni svojim zvjezdanim putom od garaže do arene…i postani Guitar Geek
As the note markers hit the bar at the bottom of the fret board, press the corresponding key (A, S, D or F) in time with the track; the more accurate you are the more points you’ll score. If you keep hitting the notes accurately you’ll build up your combo which will multiply the points awarded even further. Keep the performance bar to the right of the fret board out of the red to clear the level and progress through the game. Clear all five levels to earn the title of â€oGuitar Geekâ€?! For those players looking for a quality option, the quality is automatically set to â€olowâ€ć as the game doesn’t use vector graphics, and so changing the quality would make no difference.

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